New Construction Roofing

The type of roofing used for new constructions can vary depending on the building’s design, budget, and climate. Some common types of roofing used for new constructions include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, clay or concrete tiles, and flat roofing systems. The choice of roofing material will depend on factors such as durability, cost, energy efficiency, and aesthetic preferences. Empire Roofing of New York is a roofing contractor for commercial buildings in Westchester, NY. We provide quality commercial reroofing in Westchester and other areas of NY using cutting edge technologies that allow to create up-to-date reliable roofing quickly and of high quality.

How to choose a type of roofing for commercial construction?

Choosing the right type of roofing for commercial construction requires considering several factors such as the building design, location, budget, and intended use. Here are some steps to follow when choosing a type of roofing for commercial construction:

  1. Consider the climate: The type of roofing should be appropriate for the climate and weather patterns in the area. For example, areas with high winds, heavy snowfall, or extreme heat may require different roofing materials.
  2. Think about durability: Commercial buildings need roofing that can withstand wear and tear and last for many years. Durable materials such as metal roofing or TPO roofing may be a good choice for commercial construction.
  3. Consider energy efficiency: Energy-efficient roofing materials such as cool roofs can help reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort for the building’s occupants.
  4. Look at the building design: The roofing should complement the overall design of the building and provide adequate drainage and ventilation.
  5. Evaluate cost: The cost of roofing materials and installation can vary widely, so it’s important to choose a type of roofing that fits within the budget while also meeting the other criteria.

Empire roofing of New York is a trustworthy contractor that provides top-quality roofing for new constructions in Westchester, Queens and other areas. Our specialist can consult you about the roofing to choose and will consider all parameters needed for your commercial building. We also offer a range of services for roofing cleaning and maintenance.

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