Chimney Liner Installation

About the importance of timely chimney lining service.
Chimney lining is a crucial aspect of maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home or commercial building. A damaged or improperly lined chimney can lead to a host of problems such as carbon monoxide leaks, fire hazards, and even structural damage to your property. Regular maintenance and timely lining of your chimney can help eliminate these hazards and keep your property safe and efficient.


The hazards of improper chimney lining

  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Fire hazards
  • Structural damage to the building
  • Inefficiency in burning
  • Hazardous fumes
  • Increased risks of chimney fires

Our chimney lining service

  • We provide professional and reliable chimney lining services for residential homes and apartment buildings
  • We offer a variety of lining options including clay tiles, metal liners, and cast-in-place liners
  • Our chimney liners provide protection from carbon monoxide and shield the chimney walls for increased longevity
  • Our liners improve burning efficiency and prevent hazardous fumes
  • Regular maintenance and timely lining can help prevent chimney fires and water damage caused by natural deterioration and settling
  • Our team of experienced professionals are licensed and insured to ensure that your chimney is properly lined and safe
  • We provide competitive pricing for all our services

At Empire Roofing in NY, we understand the importance of maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home or commercial building. Our team of experienced and reliable chimney lining specialists is dedicated to providing top-notch chimney lining services to our customers in Westchester County, NY. Contact us today to schedule a chimney inspection and start protecting your property.

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